Studio quality Pilates workouts for people who want to build strength, increase their flexibility and feel good along the way. 


Pilates Workouts that you're motivated to move with day after day. 

The Trifecta Pilates Membership goes beyond YouTube Workouts with easy to follow workout calendars and specialized workout plans. It includes delish plant based recipes to align your life on and off the mat to maximize your efforts. Along with a supportive uplifting community of people from around the world. 

Every month, Trifecta Pilates Members receive: 

  • An easy to follow Monthly Workout Calendar incorporating strength, flexibility and mobility into your workout routine. 
  • Exclusive full length Pilates workout

  • Preloaded monthly YouTube Workouts Ad-Free
  • Monthly Group Calls with Beth so you can get your questions about Pilates answered.
  • Downloadable Recipe Pack with 100% plant based recipes to align your life off the mat
  • Exercise Review to get the most out of each exercise and make sure you're moving with the BEST variation for you!
  • Surprise Bonus ranging from additional workouts, downloadable audio sessions to extra workshop trainings. 


  • Access to all past membership workouts, exercise spotlights and recipes.
  • Focused Workout Training Plans with downloadable guides
    • 4-Week Pilates for Beginners so you can establish a solid foundation
    • 4-Week ROCK Your Roll to progress to the roll over exercise in a way that makes sense for you
    • 9-Week Principles of Pilates to refine your Pilates practice for optimal results and life applications of the Principles of Pilates
  • Access to the Private Members Only Facebook Group
If you haven't found a consistent workout plan...
If you're questioning if what you're doing is right...
If you spend too much time doubting what workout to choose to make progress...
AND, if you don't have $450 per month for Pilates classes...
The Trifecta Pilates Membership is perfect for you. 
When you join you'll get access guidance, support and effective workouts for as little as $16.58 per month!



billed monthly

JOIN for $29/MONTH



per month (billed annually)

JOIN for $199/YEAR



per month (billed every 6 months)

JOIN for $144/6MONTHS



Hi, I'm Beth.

I'm a Pilates teacher, NCPT and have been teaching since 2004. I started Pilates as part of my recovery process from cancer and was hooked.

Once I had children, I realized that going to a Pilates studio or gym was unrealistic and began home workouts. I've been working out at home for over 15 years and love bringing studio quality Pilates into people's homes to get the most out of every workout. 

Besides workouts, I focus on a holistic lifestyle through nourishing and delish food, practice mindful living and love to get outside with my family. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Every Month the Membership includes customized content to maximize your at-home Pilates practice: 

  • Monthly Workout Calendar
  • Full Length Pilates Workout
  • Early Access and ad-free YouTube Workouts
  • Exercise Spotlight
  • Recipe Pack
  • Group Q&A Call with Beth

AND access to ALL of the past membership:

  • Pilates Workouts
  • Pilates training plans 
  • Recipes
  • Exercise Spotlights
  • Bonuses
  • Recordings of the Q&A Calls

As a member you can cancel at anytime. You'll miss out on is the new workouts, support, focused exercise plans and Q&A calls. 

Yes. There are a variety of classes to choose from including beginner and level 1 classes. In addition, members have access to the 4-Week Pilates for Beginners Series and you'll get extra support along the way with the Group Q&A Calls. 

No. The main piece of equipment used is a simple Pilates mat. There are additional workouts that feature affordable and small at-home equipment but different options are provided if you don't have that piece of equipment. 

The membership offers additional classes, an easy to follow monthly calendar, full length Pilates workouts, specialized Pilates training plans, plant based recipes and so much more. 

It provides structure, motivation and support to get the most benefits from your at-home Pilates practice. 

That's no problem. You can still submit your questions and I'll answer them live. You'll have access to the time stamped replay so you can access the response to your questions. 

We want our members to be happy. There's a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee when you purchase the Annual Plan or 3-Month Plan. And no matter the plan you choose you can cancel at anytime. 


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