Trauma Informed Pilates Approach 

Continuing Education Course for Pilates Instructors

Learning how the human experience can impact a Pilates session and understanding how to use a trauma informed approach when teaching Pilates to benefit all clients. 

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About the Trauma Informed Pilates Approach (TIPA) Continuing Education Course. 

A 100% online digital course including 6 CORE Modules (outlined in detail below). Video and audio educational instruction. 


About the Trauma Informed Pilates Approach (TIPA) Continuing Education Course. 

A training course tailored for Pilates teachers, applying current knowledge of trauma and the BEST PRACTICES of Trauma Informed Care to enhance teaching Pilates. 

A 100% online digital course including 6 CORE Modules (outlined in detail below). Video and audio educational instruction. Now Offering 8 NPCP CECs!

Topics Covered in the Trauma Informed Pilates Approach Course

Trauma Informed and Pilates

Understand the basic framework to be trauma informed and what this means as a Pilates teacher. 

Understanding Trauma Categories

Learn about the different classifications of trauma and the prevalence of trauma. 

Impacts of Trauma on a Person

Learn about the short and long term impacts of trauma that can affect a person and their Pilates session. 

Principles of Trauma Informed Pilates Approach

Learn the 6 CORE Principles of a Trauma Informed Approach and how this impact a Pilates session. 

Holistic Communication Strategies

Ensure you have effective trauma informed communication by learning about the different types of communication. 

Trauma Informed Pilates Teaching

Explore different aspects of teaching Pilates using a trauma informed framework.

PLUS 4 Exclusive Bonuses

  1. Full length Trauma Informed Pilates Class

    Watch or move with this class to get a full understanding of how to apply a Trauma Informed Pilates Approach while staying authentic to your voice as a Pilates teacher and the Pilates method. 

  2. 3-Part Workshop Series

    Understanding Power, Privilege & Oppression * Uncovering and Unpacking Microaggressions * Inclusive Marketing Practices

  3. Outreaching and Referring to a Therapist

    Establishing a referral network to support your clients is an essential part of being and applying a Trauma Informed Approach. You'll learn how best to outreach to and establish a network of trauma informed professionals in your area. 

  4. Self-Care: Protecting Your Energy as a Pilates Teacher

    Like Pilates, being trauma informed is a whole systems approach. For this reason, it's important to foster skills that work to maintain professional boundaries while recharging the demands of being a Pilates teacher. This is so you have energy for your clients and yourself at the the end of each day. 

"Digging into this is fascinating information. Validating my knowledge and skills and enhancing the information that will help me. I really like the clear definitions of Trauma Informed Care and Pilates."

"I like that you are presenting science based information yet keeping the content and emphasis within scope of Pilates Instructors."

"I appreciate the downloads, content and availability to watch again. All of the information is necessary, relevant and useful. I feel like I got the bargain of the century."

Course Taught by Beth Sandlin

Learn from the leader in a Trauma Informed Approach for Pilates Teachers. Founder of Trifecta Pilates and Trifecta Training Institute. Beth has been a Pilates Teacher, NPCT, for over 15 years, BASI Pilates, has a degree in Health Education with an emphasis in Human Movement from Cal State Long Beach and is a certified Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, cancer survivor and mom of 2.

She has been incorporating Trauma Informed best practices into teaching Pilates since 2014 and is passionate about creating a culture of support and transformation for survivors of trauma.

Trauma Informed Pilates Approach Training for Pilates Teachers

Best Practices when teaching Pilates using the current scientific knowledge of trauma including the short and long term impacts on the brain, body, mind and spirit. 

6 Core Trainings including: 

100% Online for a self-paced training experience.

Unlimited access to the course, available anytime and anywhere. 

Downloadable Guides tailored to Pilates Instructors.

Module 0: Foundations

  • Welcome
  • Program Overview
  • TIPA Success Path
  • Grounding Meditation

Module 1: Trauma Informed Care and Pilates 

  • The 4 R's of Trauma Informed Care
  • Main Categories of Trauma Informed Systems
  • Trauma Informed Care and the Pilates Professional

Module 2: Understanding Pilates for Pilates Teachers 

  • Trauma Classifications
  • The 3 E's and Secondary Trauma for Pilates Teachers
  • Prevalence of Trauma
  • Post Traumatic Growth and Pilates

Module 3: Impacts of Trauma

  • The 4 F's and the Acute Stress Response
  • Automatic Brain Response to Trauma
  • Long Term Impacts of Trauma
  • Impacts During a Pilates Session

Module 4: Principles of a Trauma Informed Pilates Approach

  • Safety
  • Trust & transparency
  • Peer Support
  • Collaboration & Mutuality
  • Empowerment, Voice and Choice
  • Cultural, Historical & Gender Issues
  • Applying the Principles to teaching Pilates

Module 5: Communication Strategies for the Pilates Teacher

  • Verbal Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Visual Considerations

Module 6: Trauma Informed Teaching for a Pilates Teacher

  • Consent & Pilates
  • Invitational Pilates Teaching
  • Spectrum of Trauma Informed Teaching
  • Trauma Informed Teaching Guidelines
  • Pilates Specific Trauma Informed Teaching Guidelines
  • Special Considerations and Trauma Informed Pilates Teaching


  • Full Length Trauma Informed Pilates Class
  • 3-Part Workshop Series
  • Outreaching and Referring to a Therapist
  • Self-Care: Protecting Your Energy as a Pilates Teacher


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Trauma Informed Pilates Approach Program Review

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6 Core Modules Include:

  • Downloadable Guides customized for Pilates Instructors
  • Downloadable Audio files
  • Downloadable Transcripts
  • Explore Question Prompts
  • Quiz


  • Outreaching and Referring to a Therapist
  • Self-Care: Protecting Your Energy as a Pilates Teacher


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Satisfaction Guarantee

If this course doesn't meet your expectations, there is a money back guarantee if you complete the course and aren't satisfied with the course after completing the course. Simply email us within 30 days along with the completed coursework and you'll receive a refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A Trauma Informed Approach can be applied to any profession. This course tailors the information to the Pilates Profession. 

Although this course is for current Pilates Instructors, Pilates teachers in training would also benefit from the course.

There are 6 CORE Modules in the course and all modules have lessons within them. There are BONUS Modules and lessons to compliment the primary lessons. 

There are also downloadable resources and study guides to enhance your learning experience. 

No, this is the benefit of the online continuing education experience. Once you make the investment, you can complete this at your own pace. You'll have unlimited access to all of the course materials, including program updates. 

There are no mandatory books or materials required for the course. There are downloadable resources available in the course for no additional charge, including: 

  • Course Outline and Checklist
  • Course Guide
  • Workbook
  • Additional Downloadable Resources
  • Bonuses
    • Full Length Trauma Informed Pilates Class
    • 3-Part Workshop Series
    • Outreaching and Referring to a Therapist
    • Self-Care: Protecting Your Energy as a Pilates Teacher

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